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Centre for Quality and Environment, Health & Safety (EHS):

Quality is not by chance, it is engineered. There have a been a lot of thoughts, processes, techniques developed to build the quality into the products and services offered by enterprises. With the large expanse of the business domains, the definition of quality has merged with the value of of a product or service. Right from the movement of the quality circles to TQM to six sigma to Lean, the industry has used many ways for continual improvement in quality.

This centre provides the knowledge base and help to the individuals and enterprises in the field of Quality Assurance.

Vision Statement

Provide world class service support to individuals. industries and organisations to enhance quality of their products and services.

Mission Statement

  • To enhance knowledge on quality and best practices adaptation by way of training, facilitation, workshop or customised support.
  • To provide solutions for quality, productivity, cost, delivery, morale, safety, health and environment.
  • To support in maintaining business sustainability and overcoming future challange related to product, process and system.