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Centre for Entrepreneurship :

The vision of the Atmanirbhar Bharat can be accomplished only if we produce the products being imported here in India. The spirit of entrepreneurship needs to be created right at the student level. Also, the startups need guidance on planning the business, financing the same and many government procedures.

This centre helps the startups and other businesses about the management techniques and provides initial procedural support.

Vision Statement

To create a framework and conducive platform under PMA to support and guide Entrepreneurs; Offer them functional expertise, support, resources and services for Business excellence.

Mission Statement

  • Create a PMA Entrepreneurship Brand imbibing the PMA Vision.
  • To nurture Entrepreneurship by creating awareness and motivating prospective entrepreneurs.
  • Counsel and guide start-ups on the entrepreneurship path by taking them through structured procedures.
  • Lead and support established entrepreneurs and steer them on a path of growth through a pool of expertise available with PMA.
  • Map training and skills needed for entrepreneurs; Create a team of trainers, coaches and mentors to supplement this need; Plan and implement appropriate Programmes.
  • To create infrastructure as a resource centre for updated knowledge on business and technology.
  • To generate a good communication platform between PMA, Entrepreneurs and Society.
  • Focus on generating opportunities for the underprivileged and Women and prepare them for entrepreneurship.