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Centre for Career Guidance :

The members of PMA (Student and Individual membership) can seek guidance on career path in line with the academic background and the experience earned. The industrial experts suggest appropriate options of the career and the guidelines to excel in the same.

This centre tracks the industrial and academic trends to offer the right services about career and employment.

Vision Statement

Provide necessary knowledge, skills and guidance to all aspirant students and professionals to take initiative and transform lives to make positive career choices utilizing their values, interests, and abilities.

Mission Statement

PMA’s Center for Career Guidance is committed to empower the career development process by providing quality guidance and counseling to students and the professionals at large.

a) For Students:

  • Facilitating self-discovery and career exploration to develop a clear career objective.
  • Exploring educational career counseling, identify and plan their career interests, options, and goals in employment opportunities.
  • Intervention in decision making process for choice of discipline during graduation and post graduation studies.
  • Providing assistance in Project/field work for experiential learning.
  • Catalyst role in the industry – institute knowledge summit.
  • Promoting avenues for job search and transition to professional life.

b) For Professionals:

  • Empowering professional’s decision making process in career planning considering their performance, personality, ability, strengths, talent and career interests in order to plan and pursue career goals.
  • Assist professionals with personal or social issues, including conflict resolution, anxiety and grief.
  • Help and assist professionals in their mid career crisis by introspection, review and setting targets for doing something new, taking hard decisions and recharging for new life.